Evening Brick Home

Brick house photo in the Berkeley Hills behind UC Berkeley at Strawberry Canyon on a Friday evening

Whenever I view this photo, I’m amazed that I can capture such tranquil moments with my camera. The trees surrounding the brick house becomes illuminated by the light shining above the window. I’d enjoy living here in this solitude environment, only traveling down the hill whenever I choose to encounter city life.

Berkeley: Chalk Graffiti Art on Urban Steps

Berkeley urban steps with chalk graffiti

I was driving down Shattuck avenue during a cloudy afternoon. I glanced to my right a colorful pair of steps grabbed my attention. After stopping the car, parking, grabbing my camera and jogging across the street I observed the sighting more closely. It was ingenious actually—only people looking upward saw the chalk graffiti art, not the individuals strolling down the stairs.

Foggy Thoughts

Photo of college student staring at the fog from Lawrence Hall of Science parking lot on foggy cloudy day, Berkeley

I do this activity infrequently: sit somewhere and stare at the horizon. This day is unique because low clouds blanket everything below the hill during a sunset. While the photo is noisey, I hope to find a good day and time to return.



Fun With Fog

fog-bw_smlA foggy night in Berkeley brought an opportunity to have some fun with my camera. Combining the effects of the fog with slow shutter speeds has created some abstract forms. The brightness sucks in most of these photos, but I still like them.